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🎙️ #CrayeLabel Record Label

We're Looking For Talent!

Before #CrayeLabel started, we learned audio engineering, music production and created our own in-home studio. We soon realized clout was needed to make it in the music industry as opposed to being found organically which is very, very hard to do. That's how #CrayeLabel started, as a Record Label! We master, produce, sing, rap, anything and everything!

Every #CrayeLabel Musician/Group is offered a fair even split on all work collaborated on to deliver a song under our #CrayeLabel Record Label. A few examples would be if you are a musician with a full song made by you, it would be a fair 50/50 split on the profit of a song: 50% to You and 50% to #CrayeLabel. If there is a 3 person Group effort that created one song: 25% to each of the 3 Group Members and 25% to #CrayeLabel. We direct deposit to your bank account(s).

Your song(s) will be tied to our #CrayeLabel Record Label for two years which means you will have prime spots in our Marketing, Playlists, and Clothing since you are a collaborator and partner. We collaborate on a 'work for hire' model, which means you are not 'stuck' with our #CrayeLabel Record Label unless you want to continue with our inside marketing and partnership. We help all kinds of Musicians such as those with partly made songs or beats to fully made songs that only need mastering to go mainstream more quickly as opposed to making a song from scratch, this is what we specialize in but are not limited to.

If you are a Record Label, we go by our fair split and two-year contract model as we believe its fair for the song(s) of your artists/team to be kept ownership under your Record Label. An example would be for one song that involves your Record Label, Our #CrayeLabel Record Label, and 2 Musicians: 25% to your Record Label, 25% to #CrayeLabel Record Label, and 25% to each of the 2 Musicians.

 To make music with #CrayeLabel, email your Real Name, Artist Name, Links to your Songs/Beats/Vocals and Social Media Profiles to We receive a lot of inquiries so if you don't hear back, don't worry! You'll still have a chance to make music with #CrayeLabel. 🎙️