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📖 Our Story @CrayeLabel

Audio engineering, music production, and an in-home studio are how #CrayeLabel started.. as a Record Label! We soon realized clout was needed to make it in the music industry as opposed to being found organically, which is very, very hard to do. We soon moved from music to fashion, apparel, makeup, vapes, gaming, merch and more and have finally come to the start of our lifestyle brand's journey...

The world of fashion is changing. Fashion meets social media, chat, and dating for the first time in history. Android, Apple iOS, Windows, Amazon, and Apple TV apps coming soon! 😉

We built our lifestyle brand around giving fans and followers "Internet Real Estate" inside our social media marketing, website and apps by being featured, creative content and videos, new monthly giveaways, earning rewards, new music playlists, video game streams, and much more! When we realized how hard it is to get your name out there, we wanted to give these opportunities to our loyal fans and following to be featured! We feature your tagged posts, photos, videos and any creative content that references us in our social medias, online store, apps, and promotional materials. Some ideas for creative content range from snapping pictures and videos of your own personal fashion styles, makeup glam, music, game streams and more!

❤️ #CrayeLabel ❤️