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Help For Apps

Help For Apps

If you have any trouble using our apps, please see our FAQ section. If you need further assistance, email HelpForApps@CrayeLabel.com

Report Any Misconduct

If you happen to see any misconduct within our apps, click the three-dot menu icon to the right of the user's name and click on "Report abuse" and/or "Block user". After doing so, if you need to reach us further to report any misconduct, email ReportAnyMisconduct@CrayeLabel.com

Children's Privacy

Our apps are available for user's ages 16 and up. If you are a parent and know your child or children are using our services, please email ChildrensPrivacy@CrayeLabel.com with the username(s) of the children, a detailed description and your relation to the user so we can research further before removing the user profile(s) in question. Please don't include any personally identifiable information in your email to us.

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