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Add our Craye Label gamertag and follow us so you can be the first to see when we game online! Join us during our live streams for a chance to win free giveaways for every stream! #CrayeLabel in the game chat for a chance to win! We also set up stream sessions with popular video game streamers. If interested, email If you add our gamertag, often times we send out private party invites to game with us! We also rotate friends and parties so everyone gets a chance to game with us! Our most played game at the moment is Fortnite on Xbox One.

PlayStation Network: CrayeLabel
Nintendo Network:

Follow us on ALL Social Medias so you'll be the first to see our posts when we game online. Tune into our gaming live streams for a chance to win free giveaways so you can join us! We love to stream the games we're playing and talk about consoles, upcoming releases, events, music, news.. anything and everything. Follow/Subscribe to our Mixer, YouTube, Twitch and Social Media channels so you can watch us game and have a chance to win our free giveaways during each of our streams!