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Affiliate Marketing

#CrayeLabel Face Filters™
We offer #CrayeLabel Face Filters™ in partnership with your brand or image. Some of our collaborating ideas are characters such as video game character's heads such as Master Chief's helmet or Super Hero #CrayeLabel Face Filters™ packaged inside select soda/beverage 12 packs. We continue to stick to our run of only 500 #CrayeLabel Face Filters™ and are selective with our Affiliate Partners which makes it more special to collab with us. If interested, email

Licensed Merchandise
We'll help you sell your licensed merchandise with inventory ready for sale quickly. We provide a fair 50/50 split of revenue on the merchandise, minus returns, labor, and advertising costs. If interested, email

News, Press, and Bloggers
Our lifestyle brand's journey is available to use for News, Press, and Bloggers. We also offer #CrayeLabel for a more personal engagement such as for news articles and interviews. If interested, email